Ah, the 90’s. The decade I spent a majority of my childhood, running around, playing outside…you know before things got really weird.

FINNEAS, or as some may know him as “Billie Eilish’s Brother”, has dropped a new single from his upcoming debut album “Optimist”. Named for the decade it’s dedicated too…”The 90’s”, FINNEAS fondly remembers a time before the internet and the existential dread of adulthood. Behind his vocals is a gentle 808 bass drum, pulsating along for the ride, bouncing its way through quick, subtle stabs of synths & piano.

I found the song to a be a bit of a mess. I was content with the verses but it was the chorus that suddenly threw me off. FINNEAS’S vocals rapidly transform from clean gentle vocals to an almost screeching autotune. It just doesn’t sound too great. Almost like he was trying not to sing well on purpose so that the autotune would work overtime and shine through. I could see it, being an artistic choice, a juxtaposition between the music of the 90’s to the more modern sound that dominates the pop charts now. Personally I think it’s tricky thing autotune. You either use it for the whole song, or don’t use it at all….unless you’re Cher.

At the climax of the track, the instrumental switches into an explosion of synth stabs, that once again, tends to be jarring and disconnecting when you’re not expecting it. Over all, I found the track to be less than average. It still feels like an idea that hadn’t been fully fleshed out and coming from someone who’s written hit’s for his sister, I know he can do better.

Rating : 4/10

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