MUSIC NEWS 9/17/21: Here’s What You Need To Know.

MUSIC NEWS 9/17/21: Here’s What You Need To Know.

While not a whole lot of shakeups within the music scene this week. A few pop stars have decide to make some drastic moves. Here are some quick talking points for you to use this week!


Lana Del Rey has officially deactivated her social media accounts. In a video posted to her Instagram, she explained her choice to abstain from the accounts are due to “Having so many other interests and other jobs that require privacy & transparency.”. With an upcoming album release, a planned cover album & spoken word project, it seem’s she’d rather focus on her art than focus on the criticism internet “nobodys” tend to post on a daily basis & to be honest…I don’t blame her. Good for you Lana!


Nicki Minaj sparked a twitter frenzy when she tweeted about her cousins friend’s testicles swelling up due to a side effect of getting a COVID-19 Vaccine. (I can’t believe I just typed that sentence lmao.) thus launching another heated debate about the vaccine. Doing my own research of the conversation, it seemed to be during a fan interactive conversation about being unvaccinated. Was it a joke that misfired? A serious remark? Or a carefully planned PR stunt to move the attention away from the fact that her husband is going to trail for failing to register as a sex offender? I guess we’ll never know.

Taylor Swift fans got a surprise when she dropped her “Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version) track off her eventually upcoming 1989 re-recorded project. It seem’s she dropped the track as a token of appreciation for fans managing to have the track’s name trending on twitter. The newest version, of course, quickly defeated the original version’s Spotify record for single day plays as well. The next album Taylor plans to drop is a re-recording of her album “Red” which will be dropping November 19th.

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